Please Note: Fiona is not able to run any classes at the moment due to other commitments.

We will let you know via this website if/when she is able to start again.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Classes are taught by Fiona:

A fully qualified
APPI (Australian Physiotherapy And Pilates Institute) instructor and physiotherapist.

With over 20 years experience and 10 years working in elite sport with the English Institute of Sport.

fun and addictive

Pilates is a fantastic low impact form of exercise developed to improve strength throughout the whole body, flexibility,
balance and coordination.

Our classes are designed around your individual
ability and the exercises are varied in level and intensity accordingly and most importantly they are fun and addictive.

feeling better

At Physioflow Pilates classes our aim is
to give you the confidence and ability to achieve your goals whether that be simply improving your posture and feeling better
to improving sports performance.

We now have a range of classes available from modified Pilates matwork classes to Pilates for runners and cyclists*.

Modified Pilates: enjoy an active healthy lifestyle.
Suitable for any age and ability.
Pilates for Runners and Sports
Performance*: reduce the effort, run longer and faster.
Pilates for Cyclists and Sports
Performance*: reduce the effort, cycle further and faster.
*Running and cycling classes are not exclusive and will also suit active
individuals wishing to improve general and core strength and flexibility.
hcpc registered
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
The Australian Phsiotherapy and pilates Institute